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When we mention "Quality" we do not refer solely to the quality of the applications we develop, but we cover the entire developing and post implementation process, the same applies to how we receive and handle any type of support request coming from our customers, the sole objective is to ensure a unique experience to each of our customers regardless of the type and complexity of the projects we do.
In order to ensure a "unique experience" to each client, we must prepare ourselves constantly. Technology changes at a very fast pace and if we do not follow the pace, we can be outdated really easy. All our staff is constantly undergoing training on new technologies, new methods of design and application development and focused on obtaining third-party certifications that transmit greater level of confidence to our current and potential customers.
In each of our projects we include a component of self-management or customized administration, with this we want our customers to be in control of their applications and they decide how and when to update content and even design elements, and thus , reduce dependence on external support, maximizing your investment and reducing support costs.
We maintain a policy of excellence in everything we do, this allows us to concentrate on attempting a pleasant experience working with each of our clients, focusing on achieving the objectives of each project in terms of service quantity and quality. Our technical support team maintains a high degree of motivation generated by a real vocation for service, this is something that as a company, we strive to promote at all times and transmit to each of our clients.
Achieve excellence doesn't need to be prohibitively expensive or unattainable, true vocation allows us to identify opportunities and to generate long-term customer relationships, each project is analyzed in full, ensuring their technical and financial feasibility. Our focus is to support small and medium-sized enterprises to fully exploit technology, we understand that economic resources are scarce and therefore, we try to maintain a balance between the cost and benefits of each of the projects in which we participate.
The incorporation and adoption of agile methodologies, has allowed us to accelerate the development process of the projects we develop, but above all, has allowed us to increase the level of customer satisfaction by reducing unexpected problems in the process, delays or additional costs that make projects unfeasible. In short, being agile has opened the doors to a better level of work with each of our clients as well as a significant improvement in productivity and efficiency in the management of available resources in each project.

24/7 support

We are committed to providing the level of support our customers expect to ensure continuity of service and operations.

Our technical team will be at your disposal. The physical distance has stopped being a drawback, we can now provide face to face or remote support without any problem. If you choose to receive remote support, we can start working to solve your problems almost right away increasing your satisfaction with our service.

We provide online incident reporting mechanisms, this allows us to give a fast, convenient and secure support service.

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We are committed to ensuring an adequate level of service to each and every customer, so we are always in a constant process of updating knowledge through training and certifications, such as:

An IBM Business Partner
Certified for IBM Collaboration Solutions
Certified for IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure

Prizes and Rewards

Thanks to the constant work and effort of our team and seizing the opportunities before us, we have several awards under our belt, among them are:

Ganador Innovatics 2014
Ganador Apps Maker 2013

Our solutions

crm Xpress®

It is a CRM solution for companies that want to implement practices that allows them to better know their customers and, above all, optimize resources and maximize the profitability of their operations.

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Global solutions
available as SaaS/Cloud

service Xpress®

Based on the ITIL standard, it allows companies to control operations and services, not only IT, but for all areas of the company, including internal and external customers.

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Globally available
available as SaaS/Cloud

doc Xpress®

It allows companies to manage digital documents a specific area or the entire company. Useful for companies that require a robust, secure and user-friendly document management solution.

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Globally available
available as SaaS/Cloud

portal Xpress®

Web content management system, for public websites or intranets, this solution facilitates the use of HTML5 templates and public frameworks.

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