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What and how we do it?

To meet the needs and requirements of our customers regarding the development of business tailored applications, we have designed our own framework or platform to create business applications in web environments and mobile web allowing us to reduce development time by up to 75%, also this allows us to reduce costs related to this type of application.

The characteristics of this type of services are:

  • Business applications for web environments and mobile (Cross-Browser)
  • Reduction in time and costs associated with this type of project
  • Well trained development team with international certifications
  • We use agile methodologies that reduce delays and maximize the results according to the specifications and requirements
  • Technical support during and after implementation. This support can be in person or remotely depending on the needs of each project

Process followed for this type of services

The most important step!

No doubt the correct understanding of the requirements and expectations of a customer is the most important part of a project, if the needs that are to be met by an application are not clearly identified, hardly a happy ending will be expected on any project, therefore it is necessary to devote the necessary time to this stage, and its duration will depend on how clear this project is for a client and how well a vendor can handle this process to help the client to specify their ideas and needs into something concrete.

Our task is to identify, validate and confirm each and every one of the requirements, including expected features and interfaces and reports that will be required for each project, all is reflected in a document that will guide the project.

By using agile methodologies, there is ease in making adjustments to the original plan, but every change or modification must be evaluated to determine its impact on time and cost for the project, which ultimately must be reviewed and approved by both parties before application.

Development or programming

Once all the requirements are defined, we proceed to make the logical design of data structures, flowcharting phase, definition of who is responsible to intervene for each area in the process of creating the application and this is also reflected in a schedule which will be followed by our company to deliver the final product in time and in the initially defined conditions.

Our development team is composed of highly trained personnel with experience in different areas of IT, be it Junior programmers, senior programmers, Project Leaders, databases managers, integrators and quality controllers, all these areas working focused on meeting customer expectations in every project we undertake.

Partial deliveries

By using agile methodologies, these allow us to deliver partial progress steadily throughout the project, these advances can be every 2, 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the type and complexity of each project.

By delivering constant advances, the customer can keep validating the progress and evaluating the functionality being delivered partially, this allows him to identify weaknesses or to change operating priorities which is normal in most projects; in this way, strict adherence to the needs and requirements of customers is ensured, maximizing the success of projects and therefore satisfaction in the quality of our work.

Review and Improvement

These occur throughout the project and are closely related to partial deliveries, in this way it is reduced the possibility of requiring major changes in advanced stages of the project, which could involve very serious delays and too high costs that could cause projects to fail.

Implementation and post-implementation support

Upon completion of the development process of the applications and their validation by customers, the implementing the applications follows.

This stage must be accompanied by a training and support process to facilitate the natural learning curve of any new computer system, and to ensure continuity of operation at the time of the appearance of failures, which are natural in any IT product, but which our team will be ready to analyze and correct in a timely manner.

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