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What and how we do it?

With over 18 years’ experience in IBM Collaboration platforms from version 4 through 9, we have the experience and knowledge needed to support companies that have the best platform for business collaboration existing today.

We can support initiatives of new deployments, migration and upgrade processes in these products IBM Collaboration family:

  • IBM Notes/Domino
  • IBM Notes Traveler
  • IBM Sametime
  • IBM Connections
  • IBM Protector for Mail Encryption

Available services


Do you want to perform a new installation of any of the products of the IBM Collaboration family?

We have the certified personnel who will provide the services necessary for the implementation of the IBM Collaboration software to be a success. The experience allows us to make this process either in the face-to-face format or remotely, thus, costs of services are reduced considerably and the implementation process can be made much faster.

Migration to IBM Domino

Have you already made the decision to migrate from other messaging platform to IBM Domino?

Congratulations on making the decision will change the way how your organization interacts with each other, the tools available on this platform will make your workforce be more productive, your information will be safer and will have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO ) since this platform is one of the most robust, stable and scalable existing today.


Do you have already any products of the IBM Collaboration family, but in previous versions?

If you still have not migrated to version 9, IBM Notes or IBM Domino, we are telling you that you are missing the great advantages and benefits with a lower resource consumption at both, the client and the server, better features such as Live Text, native integration among all IBM Collaboration products and ease of use in native format applications such as web and now for mobile devices.

We invite you to contact us to tell you all the benefits of migrating to the new version and to exploit the new features available for your workforce.

We can help you in your technology projects

Tell us about your project so that we can offer a proposal so that it can perform, we specialize in Technology Solutions and we are ready to prove it!